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As a keyboardist/arranger for Stevie Nicks, Prince, Three Dog Night and even Steven Spielberg ( “Close Encounters) and as a Clio award winning composer for ABC TV, an international Grand-Prize winning songwriter, in addition to collaborations with a Pulitzer Prize and 2 time Oscar-winning composers –
Welcome to the Bluefield Bandwidth Music Creation Service stream
Here’s how it works:
1- Pick from SONG TITLES, some with partial lyric ideas, some with Song groove ideas.
2- Pick from music GROOVES and completed instrumentals available for EDITING
(Meaning any section of any piece can be modified and removed).
3- Then, after your own analysis, RE contact with your suggestions on Title, Lyric, arrangement. At this point we will begin collab agreement document and establish conditions and outcomes.
4-SEND ME your favorite Titles, Lyrics, and Grooves as well for my feedback And/or potential.

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